Image Debbie Morrison

Debbie Morrison, Author of Blog “School versus Sports”

About School Over Sports
My aim is to raise awareness and promote dialogue among parents, educators, coaches and the community about the issues associated with youth sports. I’m most concerned about highly competitive sports at young ages and its effects on our children’s academic performance, well-being and path to lifelong fulfillment.

I bring various perspective to this topic: 1) as a parent of three kids that have played varsity golf, cross-country, track, and swim, club swim and hockey, downhill biking, and community baseball and softball, 2) as an educator with a Master’s Degree in Education and Human Development, and 3) as a recreational athlete—a trail and marathon runner. My goal with ‘School over Sports’ is to generate discussion and conversation around this critical issue. I hope to encourage readers to get involved, consider the issues and contribute to developing a safe, healthy and positive environment for sports and school.

About Debbie Morrison
Debbie Morrison is a digital education consultant, author, parent of three, and advocate for children’s well-being and academic success.  She has over thirteen years experience working with education institutions in K-12 and higher education, teaching, providing professional development for educators, and developing learning strategies for education organizations.

She has written numerous articles, developed education programs  and provided consulting services that aim to support parents in balancing parenting and sports participation, as well as programs for kids in entrepreneurship, resume writing and college search strategies.

Follow @schooloversports on Twitter to keep up-to-date on the current news about student athletes and education. For further information about Debbie visit: debbiemorrison.net. And visit Debbie’s two other blogs, onlinelearninginsights and The Runners Muse.


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